Kilgore Cemetery


  The first purchase of the property that would become Matthew Kilgore Cemetery is recorded in a deed executed on May 12, 1874. Landowners James and Ann Locy signed and transferred the property to the original trustees, including Matthew Kilgore, G.M. Kilgore and G.A. Evans. Prior to the establishment of Kilgore Cemetery, all area residents were buried in the Kinney Schoolyard, and over the next 14 years, burials were exhumed and re-interned at the Kilgore Cemetery location.

    Kilgore Cemetery was mapped and recorded on June 1, 1888 with the Sacramento County Recorder.  The  Kilgore Association and Board of Directors worked diligently to make all necessary improvements to the cemetery and to enhance the beauty of the land. The Association cared for the Kilgore Cemetery for over 50 years. 

    Over the years, neglect and a lack of interest caused the property to fall into disrepair.  Many Rancho Cordova residents, Scout Troops and Descendants of the families volunteered to maintain the cemetery - which lay virtually dormant until the City of Rancho Cordova assumed ownership in 2005 and spent over $1 million to restore and improve the property. 

    There are more than 323 people buried at the cemetery.  Along with the extended Kilgore family, there are many other pioneer founding family plots with names such as Deterding, Studarus and Yost among others. 

    The elm trees and gorgeous tree were planted in the 1880’s as well as the eucalyptus trees along the perimeter of the property.

Source: “Historical Matthew Kilgore Cemetery: Self-Guided Tour” Brochure, Rancho Cordova Historical Society, 2011